Manu’s Carbonara

“Carbonara. It’s probably the dish that defines Italian food the most. It’s very simple, very genuine, full of energy and tasty. Its a recipe that was originally created by the poor farmers who would often bring home pork, eggs, cheese at the end of the day. They would just mix it all up in some pasta….But I actually learned this recipe when I was 18 years old, right after I had moved from Italy to Poland to begin my first job as a ballet dancer. My flatmate, who was also Italian, taught me. He was very helpful in that first year abroad, and having a taste from home made things a lot easier.” -Emanuele Sardo”

Emanuele Sardo, dancer of the Estonian National Ballet.


4 egg yolks + 1 large egg (one egg yolk per person)

40g parmesan + plus more as desired *

Pancetta 300g *

320g Bucatini pasta

1 tsp salt


*In Italy we actually use Guanciale (Pig Cheek) and *Pecorino Cheese

*NO CREAM “We don’t use heavy cream. Many people abroad and in fast food places use cream, and it’s nice, but actually you shouldn’t use it.”


  1. Prepare your eggs by whisking them together 
  2. Then add the Parmesan cheese and whisk again
  3. Heat water to boil for pasta and at the same time start cooking Pancetta.
  4. Once water is boiled add 1 tsp salt and the pasta (don’t break it let it cook down into the pot). Cook for 8-12 min.
  5. Simultaneously keep an eye on the pancetta, let it cook until brown.
  6. Once pasta is done, strain the pasta then return to the pot. Now add the pancetta, eggs and a dash of pepper, stir. The heat of the pasta and bacon will cook the eggs just enough, making it safe to eat without turning it into scrambled eggs. 

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