Quick Tour

The Living Room

What do you talk about in your living room? Funny stories? Your favorite topics? Shared experiences? That is exactly what you will find here. Snippets from the everyday kind of conversations.

The Kitchen

The big question! What do dancers eat!? Well, welcome to our kitchen where we will talk about nutrition to our favorite burger places, yes I said burgers. We might even share a recipe or two. Who knows?

The Make-up Room

Welcome to the make-up room! Make-up tutorials, tips, and tricks for stage or a night out can be found here.

The Wardrobe

Ever wonder how costumes are made? Or maybe you are just curious as to what dancers wear every day? And why they wear what they wear. What are their favorite dance brands? Well, welcome to the wardrobe. Think of it as a giant walk-in closet.

Physio Room

Welcome to our health center! Whether you are a dancer or not, you will be able to find some great advice here when it comes to health. Delve into the knowledge shared by amazing physiotherapists as well as awesome tips and tricks dancers have picked up along the way.