Hidetora’s Tangy Cup-a-Jello

For all my citrus lovers this dessert is going to make you so happy! It’s ridiculously easy, incredibly tangy, and the presentation is on point.

Hidetora Tabe is definitely one of the major foodies at the Estonian National Ballet. So much so, that when I asked him to share a recipe he said, “What kind? I can make anything!” And that is definitely true.
As we scrolled through his phone, looking at pictures of his wonderful creations, I realized they may be a bit too complex for our busy audience. So we decided on a recipe that is ultra simple but has a snazzy, sophisticated look, the Tangy Cup-a-Jello.

Other awesome factors are, it’s quite healthy; its not loaded with sugar like your childhood Jello (depending on what juice you use). And it makes for a cute dessert for your guests, or an awesome snack to take to work!



3 large oranges

8g Gelatin 

450ml 100% orange juice 

  1. Wash your oranges. then Slice through the orange horizontally, about 2-3cm from top. This will create your lid.
  2. Hollow out the inside using a spoon and knife.
  3. Place a strainer over a a large bowl and squeeze the orange pieces you hollowed out with your hands. Add orange juice, if you needed, until you get 450ml of juice in total.
  4. Now take 8g of gelatin and melt it with 150ml of the juice in a saucepan or microwave.
  5. Once melted, add that mixture back into the bowl of juice.
  6. Distribute the mixture into your 3 hollowed out oranges.
  7. Put the “lid” on the orange and let it set in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours and ready to eat. Or for a different texture, put it in the freezer overnight, then let it defrost a bit and eat it half frozen! Yum.
  8. Before eating squeeze the lid on top of the cup for some extra flavor!

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