Episode 14. Grace, Strength and the Stereotypes In Between – A conversation with soloist of the Estonian National Ballet, Anna-Roberta 


I hope your day is filled with lots of dancing, World Ballet Day YouTube binging (though most of us are probably working all day), and fresh sense of love and enjoyment for this art form. To all ballet dancers out there, a huge shout out to the work you do and the art you create. You are very much appreciated. 💕

Today the Our 2nd Home Podcast is celebrating World Ballet Day by releasing Episode 14, “Grace, Strength and the Stereotypes In Between”. After approaching the general public via, IG poll and conversations with strangers and friends, we put together a list of some of the most common stereotypes. Stereotypes can be hugely misleading. But where do they come from, why are they so prevalent and how do we change them, those are the questions we should be asking.

Joining us is Anna-Roberta , soloist of the Estonian National Ballet. Anna is a stunning dancer, captivating artist, and an absolutely wonderful person to talk to. Listen in as Anna shares her insights and as we work through these different stereotypes that ballet has accumulated to see if the match up to reality.

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