Basic Stage Make-Up

When I joined my first company I pretty much had no idea how to do stage makeup. Some people have access to make up classes depending on which ballet academy you go to, but for many of us, that just isn’t the case.
I guess it didn’t help that I also, wasn’t so interested in makeup either, haha. I had never watched a tutorial video in my life. Looking back, maybe I should have… but what I did do, was observe my coworkers around me who knew what they were doing and understood that the makeup you wear is also a form of art.

That being said, I wanted to open the make-up room with a tutorial from a colleague of mine who always takes the stage, not only with fiery and exquisite dancing, but also with her gorgeous make-up and style. Her artistry is evident from the make up she wears to the roles she so beautifully executes.

This is basic stage make-up with Ana Gergely.

Here you will find a step by step guid, or you can click here to watch our YouTube Tutorial.

To begin you will need:

  • A range of eye brushes and powder brushes
  • Make up sponge
  • q-tips
  • liquid foundation
  • concealer
  • foundation stick (darker shade for contour)
  • Range of neutral powders and blushes.
  • highlighter (shimmery version optional but recommended)
  • three eyeshadow shades of neutrals colors: beige, brown, and dark brown. And black.
  • liquid eyeliner
  • fake eyelashes + glue
  • mascara
  • red lip liner (+ lipstick, gloss, etc opt)
First, add some foundation to the back of your hand, dab with a makeup sponge and apply an even, thick layer to your face.
Next, add your favorite concealer to any bags under your eyes, pimples or discoloration, etc… The concealer color should be pretty close to the color of your foundation.
Using a foundation stick, contour the cheek bones to bring more definition to your face.
Also, use a small brush to contour two parallel lines on the top of your nose.
Next, dab your finger on a shimmery highlighter stick and apply under the eye, under the nose, and tip of the chin.
Now powder the face evenly with a neutral color.
Eyeshadow! Apply a beige color to start. You can put this on the whole eyelid as the base.
Then add a light brown to the outer corner of your eyelid.
Then move to a darker brown and repeat the last step.
Then apply just a touch of black.
Using your finger, apply a highlighter, or a white eye shadow to the inner corner of your eye.
Then use a brush to blend it all together so there isn’t a clear cut line running down the middle of your eyelid.
Carefully apply eyeliner. The eyeliner should sweep up in the angle of your eyelashes so it blends in, making the eye look more lifted.
For the under eye, use a dark shade and a stiffer small brush to create a soft line.
Next up, eyelashes. Apply an even layer of glue to the eyelash, and let sit for a few minutes.
While you’re waiting for the glue to set, start powdering your face. You want to go over all the highlighting and contouring with a powder of a similar shade, just to blend it together and make it look like one picture, rather than sharp shapes and shades on the face.
Now put on the fake lashes. Ana recommends putting the lash at an angle so the outer lash is higher, matching with the eyeliner and continuing that lifted-eye-look.
If need be finish up any powdering you didn’t get to earlier.
Fill in any gaps in the eye brow with an appropriate colored pencil.
Some people like to extended the eyebrow line, but this is a very personal thing. Try it and see if you like it.
Lastly, for the eyebrows, add some eyebrow gel to keep any untamed hairs in place.
Lastly apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelid. Make sure to really cover all the eyelashes from the base of the lid.
And there you have it, simple and yet stunning, stage make up.

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